e-nTech is not your typical Test and Balance Contractor. We believe first and foremost That the Owner should get what they have paid for. Our services combine HVAC Commissioning aspects with the Test and Balance process to provide you with a superior product at little more cost than you are already paying for the Test and Balance alone under your current arrangement. We have applied this method in the Healthcare Industry for the past 7 years with 100% satisfaction from our clients.
The Independent Testing Agency provides the owner with an objective third party to help coordinate the efforts of many contractors to ensure that all systems work well independently as well as a whole.

The Independent Testing Agency is knowledgeable in system analysis with specialized skills in detecting deficiencies that may cause systems to perform poorly and drastically increase the cost of operation. When system deficiencies are detected and reported early, the Owner or Owners Representative may act quickly to resolve problems and ultimately save time and money on the project.

The Independent Testing Agency may also help Engineers and Designers resolve overlooked errors in building and system design. Contractors and suppliers also save time and money on retesting and warranty call backs due to buildings that do not function properly.

 e-nTech is built on a foundation of independence.

Quality Assurance is a vital part of any worthwhile construction project. By documenting and reporting mechanical and related items that do not conform to the project specifications or other contract documents, e-nTech serves as an agent to the Owner for quality assurance.

Unbiased Reporting e-nTech provides Independent Testing Services with absolutely no affiliation with any manufacturer, vender / provider, contractor or installer of HVAC equipment or systems.

Commitment e-nTech strives to promptly provide our client, the Owner and the Engineer with accurate, unbiased reports attesting to the performance of the HVAC systems. Utilization of our services ensures that the Owners receive timely information pertaining to progress, function ability and value of the system that they have purchased.

Value Val-ue / val’ü / n. 1. An amount considered to be suitable, equivalent for something else; a fair price or return for goods or services. 2. Monetary or material worth. 3. Worth or usefulness or importance to the possessor, utility or merit. 4. A principle, standard or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. 5. e-nTech