Indoor Air Quality Air Pollution

Prevent Sick Building Syndrome With Indoor Air Quality Testing

Buildings have been continuously improving in their energy efficiency, which helps to save money on operation costs and usually creates a healthier environment for occupants. However, having the building operating as a closed-off system means that any issues with the indoor air quality will just amplify over time as the same air is circled throughout […]

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Surgical Site Infections

Research Shows Surgical Site Infections Increase During Summer Months

Researchers have recently published the results of a study focused on critical room infection control in the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, a journal for the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America. The study found that surgical site infections are actually seasonal, with the number of them increasing in the summer and decreasing in the […]

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Critical Room Pressurization

Joint Commission Citations For Critical Room Pressurization

One of the fastest growing Joint Commission citations has to do with Environment of Care issues, with over 46% of hospitals being cited during their 2013 surveys. The year before, only 34% of hospitals were found to be non-compliant. The citations were under code EC.02.05.01 with a focus specifically on the ventilation system being unable […]

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Commercial Building Commissioning

Commercial Building Commissioning for Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency

You may think your building is operating efficiently, and that there aren’t any major issues wrong with it, but having commercial building commissioning performed will show you issues with your building and how it is wasting energy efficiency. An HVAC Commissioning is the process that ensures a building’s environmental systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, […]

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Chain of Infection Control

Managing The Chain Of Infection Control

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 35 million people stayed in a hospital for an inpatient service in the United States during 2015, and over 125 million visited a hospital for outpatient visits during the same time. Out of these visits, an estimated 1.7 million people ended up with a Healthcare Acquired […]

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